A customisable LMS ideal for organisational learning & training providers


Traditional training practices and methodologies can restrict growth which can be limited by restricted geographical reach, lack of human resource, high fulfillment costs and the difficulty of maintaining quality standards which will vary depending on individual trainers. We can help you reach the growth potential of your business by enabling your organisation to deliver its resources, knowledge and expertise as online training material.

Responsive Design

You do not necessarily need to sit in front of a computer all day. The eStrategy LMS was designed for the modern world and the future.

  • Works on all major browsers
  • Works on PC’s, tablets, smartphones and iOS.
  • Responsive design for both user and administrator.

Fully Customizable

We understand the importance and role of your company’s brand when delivering training to your staffs or clients, the eStrategy LMS allow you to brand the LMS to your specific company logo and brand image.

  • Domain name of your choice.
  • Custom login page and skin options.
  • Customisable completion certificates

These directly add value to your organisation by promoting your brand identity.

Cloud Hosted

The eStrategy LMS is secure, reliable and hosted in the cloud using a world class hosting company. With our new agreement with Amazon this means your user, client can access our LMS anytime from anywhere. You are assured of 99.9% uptime.

E-Commerce Enabled

The benefits of selling your training services or courses online are enormous, the eStrategy LMS support online payment integration thereby making it possible to monetise your content and expertise.

  • Connect with payment gateways of your choice.
  • Allow payments from credit or debit cards.

Multi-Tenant LMS

The eStrategy LMS is robust and scalable thereby supporting multi-tenancy. Particularly for training organisation with more than one corporate client, you can host and manage multiple clients, customers and partners on a single eStrategy LMS under the MultiTenancy package. With this, each of the clients, customers will be able to access and view their own unique learning content and would not realise they are in a Multi-Tenant eStrategy LMS. You will also experience quicker initial startups and performance.

Integration of 3rd Party Systems

The eStrategy LMS integrates smoothly with third party systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, People Soft, HRIS, and other ERP solution. Perhaps you are a training organisation and one of your corporate client request to have their staff training on their system. eStrategy LMS is a reliable solution for that.

Support Technology Standards

We have developed the eStrategy LMS to the best international standards on elearning and compliance. The eStrategy LMS is SCORM compliant which ensure all the elearning content works well and the training material can be easily shared across various system.

The eStrategy LMS also support Tin Can API. So the type of authoring tool you may be using doesn’t matter – all the content would load and render smoothly with the eStrategy LMS. You can also uploads files, such as PDF, Excel, Word. Powerpoint, video for your user and external URLs

Multi Language Support

Currently, the eStrategy LMS supports four major international languages. English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. This means you can reach out to more of your clients without language barrier.

Multi Licensing Option

There are different plans specially tailored for small training organization with small user base and large user base. You can also manage all client user licenses.

LMS Security

All your contents and data are secure! The eStrategy LMS is hosted on Amazon cloud solution. All the URLs are secure using SSL encryption. All passwords in the system are also encrypted, which means we don’t have access to any password.

User Management & Administration

With eStrategy LMS you can:

  • Create, manage and edit all users and groups.
  • Multiple users and administrator privilege level.
  • Customise welcome page and email notifications.
  • Bulk users import from Excel file, HRIS, CRM, ERP or other 3rd party systems

Course Management

Course management is made easy with the eStrategy LMS, You can deliver and manage courses to more users. Also upload your course contents in any format on the LMS and your user can access them anywhere and anytime by just simply logging in to the system. They can also download additional materials. All these and more are supported by eStrategy LMS. You can also assign discounts, coupon codes and time limited offers to your courses as well as course ratings.

Course Certificates & Reports

You can develop a custom certificate and the LMS will intelligently issue a certificate of course completion which is designed in your company brand to the user upon successfully completing the course.

In addition to the certificates, you can also use reports to track data like user scores, date and time, total training time, course completion date. These reports can be customise or exported into Excel for further processing.

Learning Paths

You can create learning paths with list of courses and let eStrategy LMS intelligently assign it to the learner at various levels and upon completion of each course.

Social Learning & Collaboration

We have realised that majority of everyday learning are done informally, the eStrategy LMS connects users which allow your learners to create online communities such as forums, wikis, chat rooms. We consider this very resourceful in helping learners gain more knowledge of their course.

Graphical Reports and Charts

One unique feature of the eStrategy LMS is that with the help of charts and graphs, an administrator can analyze usage patterns and course completion statistics across the organization, and drill down on usage reports,. like seeing a chart with the learners who have not started a course, are in progress, and have completed it. The Administrator can drill down to specific information in a chart, and also send reminder email from the report.

Automated Communication

You do not need to dissipate your time and energy in communicating with your learner. The eStrategy LMS makes communication simple and efficient. It allows you to

  • Customise welcome and progress email.
  • Automate registrations and course reminder.
  • Send survey links and certificates.

Virtual & Classroom Sessions

Because you now have a robust LMS does not mean you will forget your classroom session. You can use the eStrategy LMS to

  • Schedule classroom sessions.
  • Share course, venue and instructor details.
  • Invite attendees, create virtual meetings, video and audio sharing.

Course Evaluation & Assessment

You can test the understanding and performance of your user by creating;

  • Multiple choices quizzes and test.
  • Documents download and upload.

eLearning Course Development

We can deliver specialize course development on onboarding and induction training, new legislation, industry regulations and internal policies are essential parts of many businesses. We can help you transform your existing onboarding, induction and compliance training into accessible anywhere, engaging and measurable e-learning material that you can deliver promptly and efficiently online.

Low Pricing & Cost Structure

The eStrategy LMS is available for short and long term lease with a low pricing and flexible cost structure to cater for your need. Whether you have less than 10 users or over 5000 users, we can always work out a more convenient and pocket friendly cost structure as well as a good licensing plan.

I.T. Relief

We take care of the technology so you can focus on generating more revenue for your organisation. Our eStrategy LMS is:

  • Web based, hosted solution.
  • No software or hardware to buy, install or maintain.
  • No burden on your IT department or IT infrastructure.

Consultancy, Advice & Support

With the introduction of our LMS into our learning solution suites, we are now capable of providing complete end-to-end elearning delivery. From consulting to development and support, we provide world class professional service.

There is more to e-learning than technology, our consultative approach ensures we deliver tailored e-learning solutions perfectly suited to your business.

Our consultancy services will help you navigate the sometimes complex world of e-learning. Our expert will ask the right questions, listen and then provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your organisation.

We don’t just help you with decisions about technology. Making a success of e-learning isn’t just about the technology that you use. Success will be achieved through a combination of many other factors including commercial viability, service levels and integration with other business systems.

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